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I'll be Making Musiscout's debut video soon. And, as a spoiler of some sorts. This is not three different "people" that will appear in the video. (Not exactly at least). They are all in fact, the same person. Just different "Bodies". If you watch the British Si-Fi TV Show 'Doctor Who', you can have an idea about how his "different bodies" work.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

She was born September 13th, 1978. throughout her entire 9 months in her mother's womb, music would be played for her to hear, singing, opera, even her own parent's singing. It had effects throughout her life. She was in love with music. It was one day, when someone left her a notepad on her doorstep. After that, everything changed for her. Whatever she wrote on her notepad, and then sang, would cause almost anything to happen. Two days ago, she first tested it out, afterwards, she decided she wanted to use it for a different reason.

Two Days Ago

A classmate called her cell phone, she picked it up and put it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Melina. I need that essay done pronto. You don't want everyone to make fun of you again do you?" The school diva, Katie yells through the phone.

Melina cringes from the loudness, then smirks. "Sure~." she draws out the word. "Say, I've been working on it, would you mind hearing what it is already? You do know more than me.”

“Fine..” she replies.

Melina clears her throat, and starts singing a song. The song is about Katie, being fully obedient to Melina, never once questioning anything Melina tells her to do, no matter what. After she finishes the short song, Katie’s tone changes.

“What else do you need?” She asks.

Melina smirks again. “You work on the essay, for both of us. And while you’re at it, break up with your boyfriend, for me instead, tomorrow, come to me at school. Got it?”

“Yes. I’ll get on it.” She hangs up.

Melina laughs. “I’m so happy I was left this thing. Anyone can go under my control! What else can I think of!?”

She has other songs to try. The government to allow her to do whatever she wants, or to make people who’d never go for each other do just that anyways. She thought though, that perhaps, she could technically keep those from death, if she sang for them to stay alive. Depending on how far her powers reached.

She wanted to try out something different though, she got up, and sang a song to her parents to let her go out all night without a care, which worked out also, her parent’s only acknowledgment was a “Be safe!”.

She went out in the night, with her notebook. She wrote a new short song.
“Listen to me, and make it clear. When I’m through, you’ll soon be too.”

She looked around, excited and terrified. If this worked, she would be the cause of another’s death. But as well, technically not, if they did it to themselves. She wasn’t always sure she was fully ‘there’ anyways. She liked the idea of everything ‘ending’. Why she did was mostly a matter of, ‘what’s on the other side’?
She toyed with the idea in her head many times, although never put it into action, in fear that she’d be caught. But now she had a way to get away with it. She must try it.

She eventually kept walking until she found a man standing at the bus stop. She grew a smile, and started singing her song softly, but it was enough. The man froze for a second, but then attempted a backflip right there, but did it the right way that if you unlucky enough, you’d snap your neck, which he ended up doing with a loud ‘crack’.

Melina jumped from the sudden suicide she had just caused, and slightly felt a bit of regret. She put her finger to another song that she wanted to test out, and now was the perfect time.
“Rise if you can. Be healthy, and well. For what you have been through, should not be permanent.”

The man didn’t get up. Her one fear was true, she couldn’t bring back the dead, but she could stop it, and cause it.

She ran away from the body, back to her house. She was hyperventilating when she got back, not from tiredness, but from the after effects of what she just did.

“That… That was awful… And so brutal… And....” She stood up straight. “Rather satisfying…?”

She tried to vanish the last bit away, but it stuck. Perhaps this is what she was meant to be. Her purpose was to eradicate? By singing? Maybe she made a mistake… She had to sleep on it.

She came back inside, and went to her room. One thing she hadn’t tried is to direct a song somehow to herself. She felt that if she did have the same properties to hypnotize herself, she’d be dead by now. But there had to be a way to direct to herself.
She wrote a new song, with her own name in it.
“Fall asleep, fall asleep. Wake at dawn, without a weep. Melina, it’s time to rest.”

She tried it, and when she finished, everything went blank.

The next morning, after a great start, she already heads out, but just before, she calls Kaite, and her principal, singing how she wasn’t going to school anymore, which they agreed to without question.

She had a different idea, and called her principal back, she resang ‘The Death Song’ she called it.
She wasn’t surprised to hear him drop the when she finished.

She felt bad instantly, and sick. Which won’t do at all. She then sang the song that changed her entirely.
“With such power. I have one goal, to eradicate all that I see fit. No guilt, no pain, no sadness, no regret. I want to be a monster, known not anymore as Melina, but ‘The Singer’. I know what to do, and how to do it. I will always be well, and in good health. Make me quick and sly, and smart with my time.”

Her own memories then scrambled and hurt, her brain hurt with a migraine. Then, she stood up. And knew exactly what she wanted to do. And her parents were next.


She cursed for not being able to make herself invincible, or unwanted. She’s caused the suicide of over ten people, but screwed herself when she made someone let her kill them herself.
The police force is too vast and huge for her powers to work altogether, but she could dispose a huge group of people if given the chance.

She’s been on the run for a few hours, and will likely be for the rest of her life. She was ready however, she knew what she got herself into, and will fulfil it. She is, “The Singer”.


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